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How to thrift for summer.

Go Into the store with a PURPOSE of what colors and statement pieces you want for Summer.

One of the things I’ve been incorporating for Summer is statement tops and lots of denim and shorts! The color I’m going with, or rather, color palette is definitely pastels with pops of neon to go with the Summer trends for the year. (Like the picture below, I thrifted this adorable neon orange top that’s perfect for Summer.) I always raid the shirts first to find the most feminine, puffy sleeves or crazy top I can! It’s all about statement tops for me this Summer. Next, I check all the denim from jeans to shorts. I love the effortless look for summer and I just love denim for the season. Next, to make it playful and fun I check the skirts for a bright pattern or colorful look to dress up to on a hot Summer day. It’s so easy to mix pastels this Summer and get some trendy looks going!

Try Patterns this Summer!

One of the big trends going around really this whole year is many different patterns! The wallpaper pattern is huge for Summer so there is so many crazy and fun patterns you can try on this Summer, the thrift store is probably THE BEST place to look, there’s so many vintage patterns and unique pieces to dig through. Try going out of your comfort zone and trying some of those crazy prints out! I found this vintage wallpaper print dress a Sunshine thrift and it has the perfect colors for Summer, it’s definitely a flower wallpaper pattern to look for!

Clean your Closet and donate to Sunshine Thrift or stow away Winter and Fall clothes!

One of my best practices to get ready to thrift for the warmer weather is to first go through a closet cleaning and donate. Then I put up my warmer clothes. Once I know what exactly I have, I won’t thrift just because it’s a good deal, I’ll be intentional about what pieces I need and what pieces I want more of!

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