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Shopping Spring Trends at Sunshine Thrift

Spring is just a week away, and it is finally time to bring out the flora’s and put away that winter wear! While the temperatures say it’s already Spring, maybe your Spring wardrobe (like your Spring garden) could need a little tending to. Once a new season starts approaching, I start thinking ahead to what I want to include in my wardrobe for that season. I’m a fashion-lover by nature, so I’m always excited to see what’s on the Spring runways, trends that are emerging, and current styles that might be missing from my closet. My favorite places for inspiration are Vogue, Pinterest, Instagram, and good old-fashioned magazines!

Next, I’ll do a Spring cleaning of my wardrobe, and weed out anything I don’t wear anymore, regardless of season, so I can start with an idea of what I have. I, of course always donate or sell items I’m no longer using. Never throw clothes away when you can help benefit your community and environment by donating used clothes! Then the fun part… shopping at Sunshine Thrift for my Spring wardrobe!

After my Spring fashion researching, I knew what I was looking for on my shopping trip. I came up with a list of Spring trends to find at Sunshine Thrift. The 2019 Spring fashion trends I noted were:

Spring colors: lime, marigold, hot magenta

Bermuda shorts


Puff Sleeves

Animal Print

All cream outfits

RufflesPolka dots

Anything 80s

Tie DyeCrochet

Biker shorts

Utility style

Scarf print


I went in with some of these ideas, and some outfits I drew inspiration from, and was able to find at least a dozen of these Spring trends in Sunshine Thrift! I ended up putting together 3 looks with 3 of the Spring 2019 trends I found and was really happy that I only spent $25 on 10 pieces! I feel confident knowing I was able to shop all these trends second-hand and not have the same items as everyone else all while supporting a great cause. There’s really no better place than Sunshine Thrift to try out the season’s trends on a budget!

Here are the looks I created! Enjoy, and happy thrift shopping!

Trend: LIME GREEN – Lime green top found at Sunshine Thrift for $6

Trend: ANIMAL PRINT & LIME – Dress found at Sunshine Thrift for $6

Trend: BERMUDA SHORTS, ULTRA FEMININE, HOT MAGENTA – Shorts found at Sunshine Thrift for $3

Written by: Taylor Hawkes Hi! I’m Taylor, creator of my thrift fashion blog  I’m 25 years old, living in Nashville, TN, with a passion for thrift and vintage. Through my blog, I inspire others to thrift, and most of all, to be bold in cultivating their own personal style. Fashion is limitless! Taylor Made Style is where I share my unique finds and individual style, and discuss all things thrift and vintage, style, and life. Follow me along!

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