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DIY Valentine Sweater

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to break out the pink and red! Pink has been trendy for the past few years, but I love any excuse to wear it even more than I already do. From festive sweaters, to girly skirts, it’s the perfect time to break out something a little special to celebrate a Valentine’s Day in style!

Retailers everywhere are coming out with their Valentine’s inspired clothing right now. When I happened upon this sweater  with heart shaped elbow patches, I knew immediately that I needed to DIY it! This is a super simple DIY that only requires you to cut a few things out, and either sew or glue it on a sweater. I’m giving you step by step directions on how to create your own DIY Valentine’s Sweater!

Supplies Needed: – Sweater – Scissors – 1 Piece of Paper – Felt or Fabric for 2 Heart Patches – Needle and Thread – 2 Pins **Option: If you don’t sew, no problem! Use fabric glue instead of sewing for an even easier DIY.

Directions: 1. Head to Sunshine Thrift and thrift a sweater! I chose a pink sweater, but white, black, or pink would also work well. You can really mix it up with any colors you want!

2. Start by finding a heart image online. I did a quick search for “heart transparent” and used the image below.

3. Adjust the heart on your computer to the size that fits your sweater and elbows the best, print, and cut out. I had to print and cut a few before I got the right size, so it might take a few tries!

4. Take your piece of felt or fabric and trace two hearts onto the fabric. Cut the hearts out.

5. Try your sweater on, and pin where you want the hearts to hit on the sleeve.

6. Thread your needle and sew your heart elbow patches onto sweater sleeves. I used a running stitch (over-under) because it’s a very simple, easy stitch, and I liked the contrasting of the red thread and white heart against the pink sweater. **If you are opting to use fabric glue instead of sewing, then glue your hearts on, and let it dry.

7. Take out your pins, and your sweater is ready for Valentine’s Day!

I love this DIY because Sunshine Thrift has so many great sweater options, that there’s no way you wouldn’t be able to recreate this! I already had felt to use for the heart elbow patches, so I used that, but I also suggest thrifting the fabric for the heart elbow patches at Sunshine Thrift. They have so many pieces that could be repurposed for the fabric, making Sunshine Thrift a one-stop shop for this DIY!

I styled mine with a white tulle skirt, pink beret, and red boots for a pop of color! It would also be great with a pair of jeans and heels, or even layered under a dress or jumper! If you try this DIY, please tag us on Instagram @sunshine_thrift!

Written by: Taylor Hawkes Hi! I’m Taylor, creator of my thrift fashion blog  I’m 25 years old, living in Nashville, TN, with a passion for thrift and vintage. Through my blog, I inspire others to thrift, and most of all, to be bold in cultivating their own personal style. Fashion is limitless! Taylor Made Style is where I share my unique finds and individual style, and discuss all things thrift and vintage, style, and life. Follow me along!

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