Top 5 Tips For Thrift Shoppers

Top 5 Tips for Thrift Shopping

Thrifting has gained some serious traction as of late and it likely all started with the mainstream introduction from Macklemore a few years ago. Now, several years removed from the Macklemore thrift song, people have become full blown thrifting experts and being a professional thrifter requires knowledge and experience. So here are some tips on how to thrift like a pro!

Urban Dictionary defines thrifting as When one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items.


Tip 1: Game Plan

game plan

When you go into a thrift store, do not look at every piece of clothing. That would take forever.  Scan the racks looking for interesting colors or prints anything that catches your eye. Only scan racks, so if it doesn’t jump out at you, move on.

Having a strategy is key especially if you are new to thrifting it could seem overwhelming at first. If you are looking for work tops, then start off in the blouse section. Tackling the store in sections can make this seem less intimidating.


Tip 2: Know the Deal

know the deal

If you want to get the most out of your experience you have to know the subtle tricks that will help you save big. Each thrift store has its own specials and deals and knowing what and when they are available is vital. Sunshine Thrift Store for example has 2 color tags 50% off every day and the colors change every week. So, always keep your eye out for the tags that are on sale, sometimes you will find gems at half price.

We also suggest you ask a store employee about other upcoming sales and join any text or email list that are available. Thrift stores like to inform shoppers of sales using email and text blast.

Tip 3: Keep an Open Mind

Keep open mind

Thrifting like a pro usually means thinking outside the box and being very creative with your finds. You will find clothes that are unique and not found at your typical retailer. This is a good thing and is what makes thrifting so special. It also allows you to stand out. So, when your friends ask you where you got that outfit you can tell them with a sense of pride, “I thrifted it.”


Tip 4: Examine Everything



Examine your pieces thoroughly before you pay for them. Check the buttons, check all the seams: shoulders, back, bust, hips, side seams, etc.

Thrift stores do not accept returns, so once you pay for your items, they are yours. So, examine your selection but also try them on. Make sure they fit you the way you want. Most thrift stores provide fitting rooms so there are no excuses, unless you are in a rush (which we do not recommend).


Tip 5: Take Your Time



Thrifting requires time and patience. You need to take your time and enjoy the hunt. If you go thrifting and expect to find something in the first few minutes, you might get lucky, but most likely you will have to keep looking. Don’t worry though, once you find something you like it will be a rewarding feeling, as if you found a diamond in the rough.

You can also take time to look in different departments, you might find something you didn’t expect in the jewelry or miscellaneous sections. Thrift stores usually have a good variety of things that will interest you.


Final Thoughts


Go often!  Sunshine Thrift stores receive merchandise DAILY so new fresh merchandise will be available every time you go. Know the store’s sale days –or the color sale tag rotation like at Sunshine Thrift. I hope these tips helped and Happy Thrifting!


Written By Nikki Platt:

Florida native Nikki Platt, in college Nikki headed to London to study abroad, and after graduation was NYC bound. Since returning to Florida, Nikki has built her fashion resume and now started her own fashion styling business and blog! Recently earning such accolades as on air Fashion Contributor for NBC’s Daytime and a Stylist for International Plaza Nikki’s career shows no sign of slowing down.

Christmas Shopping at Sunshine Thrift

This is the season for ugly Christmas sweaters, Secret Santa gifts and holiday decorations.  It is a fun time of the year but it can also be an expensive time. Between finding gifts for your family, friends, co-workers and yourself you may be looking for a way you can save some money. That’s where Sunshine thrift comes in.  At Sunshine Thrift Stores you can find all the ugly sweaters, secret Santa gifts and home decorations you’ll need to have a successful holiday season.  Below you will find some examples of the type of stuff you can find at your local thrift store.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters




Ugly Christmas sweaters, oddly enough, have become a part of all the Christmas festivities. At almost every Christmas party you attend there will surly be someone wearing a hideous Christmas Sweater that everyone will love. Most big box retailers have ugly sweaters available during the holidays but it’s no fun buying them there, unless you want the same sweater everyone else will have. At Sunshine Thrift you can find unique ugly sweaters that will help you stand out and also help you save money. The ugly sweaters at Sunshine Thrift range from $6-$20 depending on the quality and uniqueness.


Secret Santa Gifts




Finding the right secret Santa gift can get tricky. You want to get something nice but you also can not go over the budget. So, what do you do? Visit your neighborhood thrift store and find the perfect gift that won’t break the bank. At Sunshine Thrift you can find quality name brand watches, purses and other cool miscellaneous items that are in great condition (like new) and are very reasonably priced. For example, the Betty Boop purse above is only $15, the Citizen Eco watch is priced at only $40 and the brand-new flying LED Ball is only $5. You cannot beat these prices and they are perfect for a gift. Come find you secret Santa gifts at Sunshine Thrift.


Holiday Decorations




What’s the Holidays without a house, room or office space fully decorated for Christmas? One very cool thing about Sunshine Thrift stores is the very big miscellaneous selection for Christmas decorations. You can find almost anything, from full size Santa’s, to small snow globes and everything in between. Christmas items start as low as $0.40! If you are looking to decorate your office, or your home visit us and see what you can find.


Christmas is almost here but you still have time to get your last minutes Christmas items from Sunshine Thrift! At all Sunshine Thrift stores, starting Friday (December 21, 2018) through Monday (December 24, 2018) all Christmas items will be 50% off! Get some stuff for this year or begin shopping for next Christmas, either way, visit us and see what Thriftmas is all about.


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Holiday Fashion On A Budget


Holiday Fashion on a Budget

It’s December which means the invitations to Holiday parties and festivities will be rolling in. Everything from office parties, ugly sweater parties, and New Year’s Eve. While we all enjoy spending this time with our family and friends between the gift giving and holiday celebrations this can leave you a little strapped for cash. Luckily Sunshine Thrift has some amazing options to get you holiday-ready on a budget.

Office Holiday Party

At your office holiday party, you want to look festive but not inappropriate. After all, these are your work peers and superiors you don’t want them referencing your scandalous outfit well into 2019.

This look strikes the perfect balance of festiveness and appropriateness. The plaid button front top is a huge trend this season. The green wool blazer adds structure and keeps you warm if the temps dip, while the black leather skirt lends some toughness. Paired with these sweet ASOS patent leather loafers you can dance and mingle with your colleagues all night.

Blog pic1

Ugly Sweater Party

It used to be rather difficult to find an ugly sweater for an ugly sweater party, well that is no longer the case. Whether you want the vintage one’s your Grandmother used to wear or the current funny one’s whatever your fancy Sunshine Thrift has you covered. If you’re like me and want to still look fabulous in your ugly sweater pair it with bottoms you love like some cool denim, a leather skirt or leather leggings. This with a pair of great heels is the combination of a perfect ugly sweater party look.

Blog pic 3Blog pic 2

Friends and Family

If you’re attending a low-key affair with friends or family you still want to dress for the occasion, but not be too overdressed. This cozy sweater and fabulous snake print jeans are the perfect outfit for a casual day of food and conversation. Worn with these brown boots you will be comfortable and chic.

Blog pic 4

New Year’s Eve 

Finally, the big kahuna. NYE! Going out on New Year’s can be pricey luckily Sunshine Thrift has a myriad of stunning party dresses to get ready for the big night without breaking the bank. Fabrications like velvet which are on trend for the season, to animal print, sparkly, or flirty you can find whatever you are looking for at your local thrift store.

Blog pic 5 Blog pic 6

Those are our holiday outfit picks and styling tips!  Hope you found them useful and thanks for reading! Wishing all of our Sunshine Thrift shoppers a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

Written By:

Nikki Platt

Wardrobe Consultant/Fashion Stylist

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Stay Tuned! We will be adding some fun and educational content very soon.