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  1. No refunds, returns or exchanges. Under no circumstance will the store issue cash or credit refunds. Please inspect all merchandise carefully.

  2. Items without tags, without price, or altered tags or prices will not be sold. These items will be reprocessed and restocked for the following day.

  3. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  4. Children under 14 years old must remain with a parent.

  5. No loitering, no pictures, no solicitation, no smoking inside our facilities.

  6. Facilities are monitored by internet based security departments; shoplifters will be prosecuted.

  7. No holding of items. Once an item is selected it must be purchased and take from the property. Items left behind are the responsibility of the customer.

  8. Large volume purchases for resale will not result in reduced pricing. Sunshine Thrift will limit any one purchase to 100 items.

  9. Abusers of our Coupon Policy or any other offer will be denied. 

  10. Fitting Room items will be limited to 6 clothing items per customer per trial. Unwanted items may be hung on the provided rack outside of the fitting room. Your assistance is appreciated. 

  11. Customers are responsible for personal items. Large bags, purses, and backpacks are not permitted in the store and may be checked in with the cashier.

  12. The Company avoids acceptance of recalled items and reviews all products for safety purposes and recalls; however due to the tremendous volume of items we work with daily, we recommend all customers research product safety before purchasing any item, especially children’s items.

  13. Shoplifters will be prosecuted. Facilities are monitored by cameras


Under no circumstances will the store issue cash or credit refunds.

Please inspect all merchandise carefully.

Sunshine Thrift Store

Tampa Location
4304 South Dale Mabry Hgwy

Tampa, FL 33611

P: 813.644.6968

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